Tea & Etiquette Manual

Our 400-page manual contains teaching units that are ready to present, including scripts and student handouts. Lessons for various audiences include:

Business Tea & Etiquette

Tea with Alice in Wonderland

Teddy Bear Tea & Etiquette

Afternoon Tea & Etiquette

Holiday Tea & Etiquette

Mother and Daughter Tea & Etiquette

Seasonal Tea & Etiquette

Social Skills for Students

Victorian Tea & Etiquette

Tea Lovers' Guide to Tea Tasting

The manual includes digital files that can be tailored to your business or school. Read more about T & E certification...

T&E Manual with Seminar

80% of our Tea & Etiquette® Consultants choose to attend our annual one day seminar where they learn the basic etiquette, dining, and tea skills they will pass along to their students.

Using an interactive and fun-filled approach, our teachers will inspire you to equip your audience with the manners and confidence needed in a multitude of settings, whether the event is  business or social, or at home or abroad. Over 200 students have graduated from this program.


Etiquette Resources

Protocol School of Washington® founder Dorothea Johnson and Elmwood Inn Fine Teas owner Bruce Richardson have authored two best-selling books on the etiquette of tea.

Childrens' Tea & Etiquette tells the story of two children who attend an afternoon tea with their grandparents. But, they first review their handshaking and dining manners. This illustrated children's book also contains simple teatime recipes that your can make at home.

Tea & Etiquette is a must-have resource for anyone who travels to tea venues worldwide. You'll learn a bit of tea history and basic tea knowledge as you brush up on the skills needed to dine with confidence. A few teatime recipes are included.

Tea & Etiquette Certification is available as:

 Self-guided manual, or

Manual with one-day training seminar.


Loved the intimate size of the class. Thank you for intentionally keeping the group small!

- Lori Ann Gossert